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We are looking for Light to Moderate Smoking Adults Age 22-65 for clinical trial and earn up to $7,750 instantly

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Dallas, Texas

Study Number
Dallas, Texas
Up to $7,750
Study Dates
Aug. 01 – Oct. 13, 2017
Additional Information
Light to Moderate Smoking Adults Needed | Age 22-65 • Adults Age 22-65, Smoking ≥ 5 cigarettes per day, for at least ≥1 year.
• Available for 3 stays of a total of 4 or 9 nights, 2 follow-up visits, & 1 follow-up phone call
• Spans about 2 1/2 months.
• Compensation up to $7,750 for time and travel. Call us today! – (866) 429-3700
Group 1
Screening: Call today to schedule your screening appointment! Stay 1:
Check-In: 01-Aug-2017
Check-Out: 08-Aug-2017
Follow-up Visit: 17-Aug-2017
Stay 2:
Check-In: 31-Aug-2017
Check-Out: 01-Sep-2017
Follow-up Visit: 16-Sep-2017
Stay 3:
Check-In: 30-Sep-2017
Check-Out: 01-Oct-2017
Follow-up Phone call: 13-Oct-2017 Group 2
Screening: Call today to schedule your screening appointment! Stay 1:
Check-In: 19-Aug-2017
Check-Out: 26-Aug-2017
Follow-up Visit: 04-Sep-2017
Stay 2:
Check-In: 18-Sep-2017
Check-Out: 19-Sep-2017
Follow-up Visit: 04-Oct-2017
Stay 3:
Check-In: 18-Oct-2017
Check-Out: 19-Oct-2017
Follow-up Phone call: 31-Oct-2017 Group 3
Screening: Call today to schedule your screening appointment! Stay 1:
Check-In: 07-Sep-2017
Check-Out: 14-Sep-2017
Follow-up Visit: 23-Sep-2017
Stay 2:
Check-In: 07-Oct-2017
Check-Out: 08-Oct-2017
Follow-up Visit: 23-Oct-2017
Stay 3:
Check-In: 06-Nov-2017
Check-Out: 07-Nov-2017
Follow-up Phone call: 19-Nov-2017

Phone Number 1-866-429-3700
Website Visit Link Here
Clinical Trial Reference 8369-978
Age Group 22-65
distance: Unknown
Address Dallas, Texas